H.M. Franks in Jeffersonville

What's on Tap

Draft List

#1 Starcut Star Parade

5.2% ABV, Hard Cider - Michigan, USA

#2 Urban Artifact Keypunch 4.5% ABV, Key Lime Fruit Tart - Ohio, USA

#3 Lagunitas Island Beats

5.0% ABV, Sour - California, USA

#4 Prairie Rainbow Sherbet

5.2% ABV, Sour - Oklahoma, USA

#5 Boulevard Co. Unfiltered Grapefruit Wheat

4.4% ABV, Wheat - Missouri, USA

#6 Miller Lite

4.2% ABV, Light American Lager Beer - Wisconsin, USA

#7 Blue Moon

5.4% ABV, Belgian Blonde Ale - Colorado, USA

#8 Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy
4.2% ABV, Fruit and Field Beer - Wisconsin, USA

#9 Yuengling Traditional Lager

4.4% ABV, American Amber - Pennsylvania, USA

#10 Bell's Two Hearted Ale

6.6% ABV, IPA - Michigan, USA

#11 Against the Grain Kentucky Ryed Chiquen

8.6% ABV, Rye Amber Ale - Kentucky, USA

#12 Griffin Claw Flying Buffalo
12% ABV, Imperial Stout - Michigan, USA

#14 Guinness Draught

4.2% ABV, Stout - Dublin, Ireland

Subject to change based on availability. We do our best to keep this list updated but there are so many great beers and great beer drinkers, sometimes it’s hard for us to keep up. Please excuse us if we fall behind. Cheers!